About Wills Mowing

Established in 2015 by Will Barwick, Will’s Mowing predominantly services the Camp Hill area and surrounding suburbs offering a range of services. Mowing, Edging, Leaf Blowing, Hedging and Water Pressure cleaning are all available to ‘beautify’ your home.

Our Service Areas

We have regular lawn mowing and lawn care customers in Camp Hill and surrounding suburbs such as Coorparoo, Greenslopes and Holland Park. If you are looking for regular lawn maintenance, hedge trimming or just for a one off gardening or landscaping job, we would love to hear from you.

Camp Hill

Carina/Carina Heights


Norman Park

Customer Feedback

"Will’s Mowing provides unwavering service. Always prompt, always meticulous, and always friendly. I’d recommend him to anyone without hesitation!"
Serviced Since 2015

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Our Quality Equipment

The equipment used by Will’s Mowing is all of a high standard. The below class brands allow Will’s Mowing to deliver outstanding results, that is of an unquestionable quality.


Honda Motor Company grew in a short time to become the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles by 1964. Honda has been the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume, producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year.


In 1958, Makita Corporation, which was founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company, became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell portable electric planers. Over the half century since, Makita has worked to build a steady position as a manufacturer of power tools. They are now one the leading manufacturers in the US and Australian market today.


STIHL has been the world's biggest selling chainsaw brand since 1971. Andreas Stihl developed his first chainsaw in 1926. His incentive was to "To ease peoples' work with and in nature". Stihl's outstanding innovations have set the benchmark for the industry time and time again which is why we choose to use their high quality equiptment.


Komatsu Iron Works was started by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary to make industrial tools for the parent company. Komatsu eventually became large enough to sell to the public, and was spun off on May 13, 1921 as Komatsu Ltd. Komatsu produced its first agricultural tractor prototype in 1931. Through the 1930s, Komatsu also produced tractors for the Japanese military, as well as bulldozers, tanks and howitzers.